Volunteer Spotlight: Steve G.

We are so thankful for our volunteers at Renew and are honored to have such amazing people to work alongside of.

This is one of many posts that we will do to celebrate and learn more about our volunteers.

Q – How long have you been with Renew?

A – About 4-ish years.

Q – How did you hear about Renew?

A – I had known Renew was around for a while because I started taking lessons at Rusty Spurs Ranch so I could attain my goal of becoming a “real out west cowboy.” I eventually met Anne Stewart who encouraged me to get involved at Renew. At first, I wanted to keep volunteering to be around horses all the more; however, through time I realized how powerful Renew was in the lives of its students. Seeing the progress that is made each session and each week, along with the connection to the students is now what keeps me coming back. I also enjoy being around the other volunteers.

Q – What is your favorite memory at Renew?

A – My favorite memory is from being put “in jail” for the Denim & Diamonds fundraiser, as well as all the fun that happens at the event each year.

Steve, we appreciate your positive attitude and hardworking spirit. Thank you for all you do at Renew!