Provide a Horse

We are always looking for happy, healthy, docile horse partners to serve at Renew.  If you are a horse owner who is interested in making your horse a part of the Renew herd, please complete the Horse Inquiry Form.  

Free Lease: In a Free Lease, Renew is responsible for all routine care costs such as feed, vaccinations, supplements, deworming, vet, and farrier care. Owners are financially responsible only for non-routine care exceeding $1,000 annually. Owners will receive regular updates and agree to take back possession of their horse with 30 days notice if he or she needs to be retired or develops any behavioral or soundness issues.  Owners are encouraged to maintain an ongoing relationship with their horse while in the program.

Donate:  If an owner is seeking to donate their horse to the program, the decision to accept a horse for donation will be made at the conclusion of the 60-day trial period.   The owner completes paperwork to transfer 

Horse Requirements: Due to the nature of what we do, we have some very specific horse requirements. Our horses need to be physically and mentally fit to enjoy their life and fulfill their therapy horse responsibilities. 

In order to be considered for our program, your horse should meet these criteria:  

  • Preferred age is between 8 and 18.
  • Any breed is considered, however only mares or geldings.  No stallions will be considered.
  • Height range is 13 hands to 16.2 hands.
  • Horse must be sound at walk, trot and canter.
  • The horse should be up-to-date on all vaccinations and have a current Coggins.
  • The horse needs to be in overall good health.
  • Horse needs to have a relatively low flight response.  The horse should be open to learning new things and enjoy being in new environments.
  • Horse should have fitness level to immediately work in a walk/trot riding lesson for 30 minutes without becoming overly fatigued.
  • Horse needs to be kind, enjoy interacting with people, and display empathy towards participants.
  • Should be used to being turned out with other horses.
  • Prefer horses that are easy to load.
  • Prefer horses that are content to be tied (cross-ties or single tie).
  • Prefer horses with trail experience.
  • Prefer horses with horse show experience.

Steps for acceptance of horses: 

  1. Complete & submit Horse Screening Form online, including photos and videos of your horse  
  2. Upon review of submissions, if the horse matches our current need, we will arrange a time to visit the horse at its home or arrange for the horse to visit our farm so we can observe the horse being ridden and to ride the horse ourselves.  If the horse does not meet our current need but might in the future, the horse will be placed on a waiting list.
  3. If it appears that the horse is suitable, we may accept your horse for a 60-day trial at our farm. All 60-day trials are considered a Free Lease period and may be extended with the approval of both parties (owner and staff at Renew).
  4. If successful concluding the trial period, the horse will join the Renew family and hopefully be with us for a long time! Thank you for considering Renew for your horse. We look forward to hearing from you.