Equine Assisted Services

Equine Assisted Services refer to multiple services in which professionals incorporate horses and other equines to benefit people. The horse is the common thread that unites the three following distinct service areas – therapeutic/adaptive horsemanship, therapy, and equine assisted learning.

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I love that my son’s class and the group of volunteers is diverse and inclusive. What an amazing way to show others what each child CAN do! While each lesson focuses on a riding skill, they are learning so much more.

Renew Parent

Equine Assisted Services at Renew

Therapeutic Riding

It’s more than “just a pony ride”. At Renew, our certified professional staff considers the student’s life goals, and seeks to incorporate these goals into the riding lesson. Riding a horse is a holistic way to learn and to be challenged on many different levels.

Speech Therapy

By blending the stimulating multi-dimensional movement of the horse with speech and language therapy, breakthroughs for those facing communication challenges become possible. Hippotherapy is a unique, fast-growing service and an exciting addition to equine assisted services at Renew.

Additional Programs

We offer programs for groups and individuals using our horses on the ground to help us learn more about ourselves and each other. Through groundwork and team building activities with our horses, we foster physical, social, and cognitive growth in the community.


Renew occasionally offers continued education for equine professionals. Click here to learn about potential opportunities.