Lily’s Story

At Renew, Lily found something she loves.

She bonded with the horses, instructors, and

volunteers—and never stops smiling.

knowing what Lily is capable of is amazing. Her can-do attitude means she is not limited by her diagnosis. Renew is more than physical rehabilitation. It’s helped Lily grow in self-confidence.

Lily’s Journey

When Lily’s parents, Stacy and Dave, went in for a routine ultrasound, they were told that daughter Lily had spina bifida. After birth, Lily had surgery which prevented her parents from holding her for the first 9 weeks of her life.Typography

Doctors said that Lily may never crawl, walk or have mobility in her legs. But the couple didn’t want Lily to spend her life in a wheelchair so they began investigating therapies. With physical therapy beginning at 6 months, by age 7 Lily was able to walk with crutches. At the same time, Renew opened and Lily started attending.

When she first started, she said to her parents, “I want to trot. I want to jump.” And Stacy and Dave replied, “Absolutely not. You’re going to fall off and you’re going to get hurt. So now, to see her be able to just free walk, trot the horse, and do two point is amazing. She will be jumping!”

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