Support Renew

When you give to Renew, you do SO much more than make a donation to a good cause…you directly impact the lives of the participants we serve. Thank you!


A recent survey (2018) of parents, teachers, and caregivers of our participants affirmed that we are fulfilling our mission in a powerful way. Surveys revealed that 87% of riders had an improvement in confidence, 93% of the improved skills and results riders had achieved generalized to other area of the student’s life, and 93% indicated that riding at Renew was an overall benefit to the student.

Through our programs, riders see improvements in numerous areas. A few of the specific benefits our riders have noted include: increased muscle and core strength, improved balance, higher levels of self-esteem, better sleep, improved ability to focus and follow directions, increased emotion regulation, and improved communication. However, there are many additional measurable improvements.

By contributing to Renew, you are helping to offer equine assisted activities to students in West Michigan. All donations make a difference. We sincerely appreciate your support!