We Were at the Fair!

                       Renew attended Ottawa County’s Berlin Fair on June 21, 2018 in support of their Disability Awareness Day! Our horses, Honey and Pizzazz, were a big hit and provided entertainment and a unique sensory experience. The kids had fun interacting with the horses, drawing on them with chalk, feeding treats, and learning about their personalities. What a great day! We were proud to be able to serve our community in this way.            

June WHY

We have a wonderful team and are incredibly grateful for your support! Click on the image above to enlarge.

Night of Fundraising at Crazy Horse

  MANY THANKS to Crazy Horse for supporting Renew TRC through the fundraising efforts on June 5th, 2018. Crazy Horse provided 10% of the evening’s proceeds to support our program! Your support means so much to us and the individuals we serve. The management & staff at Crazy Horse were incredibly gracious and were wonderful hosts as they invited Renew team members to come and interact with dinner guests in promotion of our program.  Thank you to all who came out to join us and to support our program!                       

Welcome Lark

  Help us in welcoming Lark in her new role as Intern for our program! Lark recently graduated with a degree in Recreation Therapy from Calvin College. She will be interning full-time for us until September. Lark has been volunteering for us throughout her last semester and has grown up around horses. She sought out Renew for an internship as she felt that this setting was the best fit for her in comparison to more of a clinical setting. She enjoys the outdoors and felt this environment fit her personality better. With her volunteer experience thus far, she has been surprised to see just how many different types of disabilities our therapeutic riding program serves, in addition to the different levels of functioning of the students. She also mentioned that

Look What We Got in the Mail

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Hope in the Saddle, this is an organization that gathers stories about how horses have quite simply made a difference in someone’s life. Their mission is to “share some of the most meaningful and important stories to emerge from the equestrian world—stories of how our relationships with horses can help us overcome life’s toughest challenges.” Hope in the Saddle does a great job with posting a wide variety of stories, all with the common thread of how special and amazing our horse partners are. In response to a Facebook advertisement, Renew Therapeutic Riding Center submitted an article to Hope in the Saddle’s 2017 Therapy Horse of the Year contest. Out of over 100 entries for the contest, Renew’s article highlighting Honey was


  We have a wonderful team who invests in our program and our students. We cannot thank you enough!   Click on the image above to enlarge.

Special Moments from Denim & Diamonds 2018

  We would like to spotlight deVries Photography for sponsoring Denim & Diamonds 2018! A special thank you to this organization – they have been a pleasure to work with and captured many wonderful moments during the event. To view all photos from the evening, please use this link: devriesphoto.com/RenewTRC/Denim&Diamonds                 Thank you also to our generous community for making this the most successful Denim & Diamonds ever! We cannot thank you enough. We believe many lives will be changed as a result of your commitment and the overall support of our program.  

April WHY

    We are grateful for all who come together to make Renew TRC possible! It blesses each member of the Renew family when we are able to celebrate the improvements and accomplishments of our students. Thank you for sharing your testimonies!   Click on the image above to enlarge.

A New Chapter: Facing Change

Thank you to Donna Nugent, one of our fantastic new volunteers, for graciously offering her story to our Renew family. From the time I have shared with Donna, she has been incredibly sincere and loving. She adds so much to our team, thank you Donna! “I would like to tell you a little about how becoming a volunteer at Renew has impacted me. If I could sum up the last year in one word it would have to be “change.” My life has been full of changes in a short period of time and it has been hard, yet good in some ways too as I can see the blessings that God has provided along the way. I lost my husband, Ted, of 46-years in July of 2017. The last

Did You See Who’s Been Arrested?

Did You See Who’s Been Arrested? Our Arrestees for Renew’s 2018 Denim & Diamonds fundraiser have been rounded up and are in need of BAIL! To help our Arrestees (and provide support for Renew’s participants), please scroll to the bottom of the page and select the “DONATE” button. The Arrestee who gathers the most bail will be announced at our Denim & Diamonds fundraiser on April 26th! Please follow up your online donation with an email to Melissa at renewriding@gmail.com indicating who your donation is for. THANK YOU for your generosity!